Just like our collections of baby and children's clothing, we are ambitious and focused. And, like our target group, we want to grow and curiously develop based on our experience.
That is why we have set ourselves a mission.



As the umbrella for strong brands in children’s clothing, Brands4kids wishes to be the preferred supplier of baby and children’s clothing in Europe.

We wish to secure that position by continuously developing products with built-in responsibility and attention. This is about the environment; consumer wishes and requirements as well as international trends.

Brands4kids comprises brands which must all be the natural choice of the young users.


We have already positioned ourselves as a major supplier of high-quality baby and children's clothing. We will continue to develop this position through new concepts and ranges so that we can always deliver products that excite and surprise children and their parents.

Accessibility is an important part of our strategy. We work with vendors all over Europe which means that consumers do not have to search far and wide to find our latest collections.
In future, our collections must also meet the children where they are. The clothes are straightforward with recognisable themes and with exactly the functionalities that match the ages of the children.


The whole world is our playground. This gives us a unique insight into our customers; parents and their children. We use this insight as the starting point for further development in areas such as design, quality and functionality - at prices that are on the children’s terms.