Behind the design

The creative stage involves an endless play with fabrics, colors and prints by adding fun and functional details to the designs
Here ideas are born, developed and matured. We play with fabrics, colors and prints that are matched across our entire collection.

To be able to reach a wide target group, we work hard to accommodate the desires of several different countries in the design stage.




Children should not be wrapped in cotton wool, but as responsible adults, we need to consider the situations, which children can end in - focusing on safety. There is always room for improvement, so we constantly evaluate the quality of our products and the used materials.


Experiences from test and user groups, reports from authorities, information from the Children's Accident Prevention, testing of new techniques and materials etc. is part of our continuous focus on maximum safety.



FUNCTIONALITY - Elastic wrists, adjustable and removable straps at the feet, spacious armholes, warm and soft fleece in the removable hoods, large zippers - everything has to be strong, comfortable and functional.

FIT AND COMFORT - Small feet and bodies also require a great fit and comfort. We focus on these features when designing clothing without inner seams, rubber boots with great support, soft leather slippers etc.



CHARACTERISTICS - choice of fabric is essential for a good product. Choosing the right quality and quantity that can be marketed at a reasonable price. There may be many functional properties associated with the different qualities of the fabrics.

Wool, for example, is temperature-regulating and bamboo viscose is ultra-soft and antibacterial: When combined, they complement each other well and create a unique product.



WATERPROOF AND BREATHABLE - Our outdoor products are characterised by breathable materials, taped seams, windproof solutions and a high water column pressure - and all features are tested and documented on an ongoing basis.

WEAR AND TEAR RESISTANCE - Our designers and buyers make high requirements in terms of materials and do not just rely on the supplier's opinion. Tests of the wear and tear resistance indicate that we use only first-class raw materials.


REMOVABLE HOODS - Stitched hoods are a risk, if the child gets stuck during play and it may get suffocated. Thus, our hoods are attached with snap fasteners, in order for them to detach in case of resistance.

CORDS AND STRAPS - We prefer velcro and snap fasteners; they are easy and safe to use. Cords and straps can be fatal - especially for children under the age of seven, due to the danger of suffocation.

VISIBLE IN TRAFFIC - Our outdoor products have approved reflectors on the front and back, making them visible from at least 140 metres. Our textile reflectors tolerate continuous washing without losing their essential effect.