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Made with love

Pippi babywear combines soft, natural fabrics, simple prints, and tested fits that protect the delicate skin of babies against unnecessary folds.

The baby-in-arms gets clothes that are easy to take on and off, while the growing baby’s changing patterns of movement are also catered for.




Pippi babywear products are Oeko-Tex 100-certified in the highest class for baby textile that is in direct contact with the skin, and a large part of the products today are made from organic cotton.





Pippi babywear extensive basic range includes a large selection of products in neutral colours. The basic range also contains our popular body stockings, bibs, diapers etc. 

Premature clothing

The Pippi premature range is made with love and care for premature babies and toddlers. The range is made for extra fragile babies, who require additional care. We have focused on comfort with good fits in natural and soft materials. 

the range includes:
  • Long-sleeved wrap body stockings and shorts with V-neck and buttons on the side, making it easy to dress the baby.
  • Soft pants with elastic, with and without folded ribbed hem in velour or cotton.
  • Rompers with buttons.
  • Nightwear with buttons on the side.
  • Helmet with cord binding.

Pippi premature is available in simple and soft colours and prints, in sizes 40, 44 and 48.

2x2 rib range

With the Pippi 2x2 rib range, the clothing adapts to the body of the child and ensures a great fit. The rib range includes various colours from soft baby colours to bright and sparkling fresh colours. Many of the body stockings further come with buttons on the shoulders or with wrap cord binding. Two-piece sets with long-sleeved t-shirts and leggings with feet are also available, in order to keep the small baby feet warm. 

The 2x2 rib range is available in sizes 40-100.

Body stockings

Pippi’s body stocking range includes a wide variety of wonderful cotton body stockings. They are suitable for everyday use or festive events and match rompers or pants. They are further suitable as underwear during cold periods, as they keep the body warm. Pippi’s body stockings include long-sleeved and short-sleeved body stockings with snap fasteners on the shoulders and in the crotch. They have a great fit and offer movement without creating unnecessary folds. The body stockings are available in numerous beautiful colours with cute prints. Available in sizes 50-104.


Pippi’s pants range includes a wide variety of different unicoloured pants, as velour and sweatpants. The pants have a great fit and are easy to put or and off. The velour pants have elastic waists and feet, and the sweatpants have a wide ribbed hem that folds down. The ribbed hem adapts to the body and keeps the pants in place. Available in sizes 50-104.


Pippi’s nightwear includes unicoloured, simple or funny and cute prints, available in numerous beautiful and bright colours. The nightwear is practical and functional, since it either has snap fasteners or zippers from neck to foot. Available in sizes 50-104. We also offer a two-piece pyjamas with different prints for older children. Available in sizes 80-104.


The Pippi rompers come as two-piece sets with a body stocking and a romper, enabling the baby to unfold without worrying about losing a sock or the pants rolling down. All rompers come with snap fasteners in the crouch, making the diaper change easy. Available in sizes 44-68.


The Pippi jumpsuits are also great for babies, who are lying down, since they have snap fasteners in front and in the crouch. The jumpsuits are long-sleeved and keep the child warm. Nice and practical, since it only requires one piece of clothing. Available in sizes 50-80.


Bibs are an absolute must in households with babies. However, even though they are made to protect the clothing from drool and food leftovers, they can still look smart and match the clothing. Thus, Pippi also offers a wide variety of bibs in different colours, themes and shapes, so there is something that suits all tastes. 



Pippi wishes to add something extra, thus we also have a range of practical products for an easier everyday life - accessories, essential in a family with children. Pippi has made product groups such as towels, diapers and washcloths more interesting with beautiful fresh colours and cute, simple themes.