Code of conduct

The Code of Conduct describes our ethical guidelines. It of great importance to us - through our contracts and our communication – to ensure that the conditions at our suppliers meet our standards and guidelines – knows full well that legislation and differences in cultures all over the world mean different conditions.

We emphasize to all our partners and suppliers the importance of the production is being carried out by people who are treated with respect and work under good conditions.

Accept and compliance of our Code of Conduct is an integrated part of the business agreements that Brands4kids A/S enters into. It is ensured through contracts, thorough information continues reporting and control.

Our code of conduct is written on the basis of the 10 Principles of the United Nations Global Compact for: Human Rights, Labour Standards, Environment and Anti-Corruption.


  • Child Labour
  • Compensation and Working Hours
  • Non-discrimination
  • Harassment and abuse
  • Forced Labour
  • Health and Safety
  • Environment
  • Protection of Animals
  • Subcontracting
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Corruption
  • Publication

Brands4kids will not accept and will not conduct business with any supplier that uses child labour.The supplier is not allowed to use employees at an age younger than 15 years old in production or anywhere else in the business. If national law sets the limit for the definition of a “child” at any other age, the national law applies.

In countries where the law permits apprenticeship programmes we will accept that children of this age work a few hours per day. The factory must be able to prove that this work is not interfering with the child’s education, that the work is limited to a few hours per day, that the work is light and clearly aimed at training, and that the person is properly compensated. If we have any reason to doubt that these conditions are met, such apprenticeship programmes will not be accepted.

It is the responsibility of each Supplier to verify the age of all workers, and this information must be accessible for audit at any time. If child labour is detected Brands4kids will request the factory to make sure that measures taken are in the child’s best interest. We will, in co-operation with the factory, seek to find a satisfactory solution, taking into consideration the child’s age, social situation, education etc. Any measures taken should always aim to improve, not worsen, each individual child’s situation.

Brands4kids reserves the right to involve local or international organisations with a view to securing the child’s future.

Wages should be paid regularly, on time and be fair in respect of the work performance. Wages, Compensation for overtime and payment procedures should comply with the current law of the country of the supplier. Additionally, suppliers must provide all legally mandated benefits. Withholding wages must not be used as a disciplinary measure.

Working hours should be in accordance with the current law of the country of the supplier.
This applies both to daily and weekly working hours.
Working hours exceeding 60 hours per week (48 hours + 12 hours extra work) must be on a voluntary basis and must be planned in a way that ensures safe and humane working conditions.

Brands4kids will not conduct business with suppliers, which discriminate in hiring and employment practices on the grounds of race, religion, age, national origin, political opinion, union membership, sexual orientation, or gender.
Female workers should be given their stipulated maternity leave in case of pregnancy. Dismissal of pregnant female workers is not acceptable.

The employees of the Suppliers shall be treated with dignity and respect. Under no circumstances shall physical punishment, harassment of any type or abuse of power be permitted.

Brands4kids will not conduct business with any supplier that uses forced or involuntary labour. If foreign workers are employed on contract basis, they should never be required to remain employed for any period of time against their own will.

All suppliers to Brands4kids must provide a safe and healthy working environment in compliance with all local laws and regulations.

As a minimum our suppliers must
ensure that:

  • Their facilities meet all local laws and regulations governing health, safety, and environment.
  • Fire protection equipment, including fire alarms and fire extinguishers, is installed, maintained and inspected in accordance with all local laws and regulations.
  • Emergency medical and evacuation plans and procedures are well known to managers and employees.
  • For medical purposes, the supplier shall place at least 1 well-stocked first aid kit in each production unit.
  • Lighting and ventilation are properly installed and maintained.
  • All machinery is properly maintained and serviced, and equipped with proper protection measures.
  • All hazardous materials are safely stored and disposed of in accordance with all local laws and regulations.
  • The employees have access to a drinking water supply.
  • Sanitary facilities should as a minimum follow local laws

The environment is of increasing concern globally and Brands4kids expects the suppliers to act responsibly in this matter.

The suppliers of Brands4kids shall comply with all local laws and regulations regarding the protection of the environment. Our suppliers must strive to reduce waste and emissions to air, ground and water, handle chemicals in an environmentally safe way, and handle, store and dispose of hazardous waste in accordance with all local laws and regulations.

Brands4kids does not use animal fur in any shape or form. Brands4kids only sells leather from animals that have been bread for the food industry – and not only for the sake of the leather. In connection with animal farming, suppliers shall consider the biological needs of the animal rather than try to make the animal adapt to the conditions available.

Brands4kids requires our suppliers to use the present Code of Conduct in cooperation with their own suppliers, and to ensure their compliance. Suppliers have full responsibility for ensuring that subcontractors comply with Brands4kids’s Code of Conduct.

All suppliers shall always keep Brands4kids informed as to where each order is being produced.

Brands4kids will monitor relevant suppliers and their facilities to ensure compliance with Brands4kids’s Code of Conduct. Suppliers will maintain on site all documentation that may be needed to demonstrate compliance with Brands4kids’s Code of Conduct.

The suppliers authorise Brands4kids itself or through third parties to carry out inspections, which guarantee the observance of this Code of Conduct, providing these supervisors with access to the necessary data and documentation and means to ensure this process:

We require all suppliers to provide Brands4kids with:

  • Full access concerning where each order is being produced.
  • Full access for on-site inspection, including unannounced visits, by Brands4kids and/or assigned representatives.
  • Access to records, which will enable us to determine compliance with the Brands4kids’s Code of Conduct.
  • Access to employees for confidential interviews during monitoring visits.
  • The result of the monitoring will be documented in a monitoring report.

Brands4kids will enter into a constructive dialogue with the supplier to improve the overall working environment for the employees. Brands4kids will request adequate action plans to correct monitoring findings. If improvements do not progress in a manner acceptable to Brands4kids, we will terminate the supplier relationship.

Brands4kids will not accept any kind of bribery or extortion.

The managers of the suppliers shall inform their employees about the contents of the present Code of Conduct and place a posting of the code in a place readily accessible to employees.

Brands4kids expects all suppliers to respect the above Code of Conduct on an ongoing basis and to actively do their utmost to achieve our standards. We trust our own staff to take a lot of responsibility in their work, and we expect from our suppliers that they do the same.

We believe in co-operation and we are willing to work with our suppliers to achieve workable solutions in each individual case.

The Code of Conduct will be a part of the business agreement between the supplier and Brands4kids A/S.