Chemicals and testing

At Brands4kids, we take responsibility. Also for what is not apparent to the naked eye. This means that our raw materials comply with the European Chemicals Regulation, REACH and that our products are tested and approved for substances that are harmful to the health and the environment.




We invest resources in always keeping ourselves up to date on developments and collaborate with independent certification agencies and authorities. At the same time, we make demands on our suppliers.


They must all sign CSR agreements and document that they meet our high requirements and standards in relation to avoiding harmful chemicals in our products. All because we take responsibility for children. As parents, as suppliers of children's clothing and in relation to the world we live in, we believe that this is good chemistry.


Quality testing

Taking responsibility is a dynamic process. Therefore, we continuously invest resources in being at the forefront of challenges and new developments in the area which we evaluate and revise in relation to our suppliers. We collaborate with independent international testing agencies and authorities who, in addition to standardisation and requirements specifications, are important sparring partners in ensuring that we are up to date.

In addition, our collaboration with our suppliers is always based on CSR agreements, so we basically ensure that the suppliers live up to our high demands in this respect, no matter where in the world they are located. In order to make doubly sure that these requirements are fulfilled, we have a small branch in China which tests the products early in the process and follows up on the closer dialogue and on our requirements being met.

At the same time, we are continuously investing in random checks of our products and personal visits with international suppliers. Amongst others, we attach great importance to the fact that our products do not contain nickel nor dyes containing heavy metals, and that no fluoride substances are used in the impregnation.

We also participate in professional networking groups that share ideas and experiences in the field. Here, we are inspired and obtain new knowledge from colleagues, experts, trend researchers, consumers and focus groups, amongst others.

This is all to ensure that our products live up to the expectations of responsibility and good quality had by the consumers, parents and ourselves. And, also, to take responsibility for your children, our children and the world in which they are growing up.