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Brands4kids takes the utmost care to reduce its environmental impact

It is crucial for Brands4kids that the factories, in which our products are manufactured, have good working conditions. We focus on staff security and working conditions when entering into collaboration with suppliers. Brands4kids does not tolerate child labour, discrimination or other disrespectful treatment of employees.   

However, we have to realise that some manufacturing countries in some cases have other cultural views on responsible manufacture than us. Thus, we are in constant dialogue with our suppliers and manufacturers. We argue that proper conditions increase productivity and employee satisfaction and we are happy about the improvements that our requirements create. By means of ongoing supervision, we ensure that our agreements and requirements are implemented. We further require that sub-suppliers adhere to our rules for responsible manufacture.

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Read the Brands4kids Code of Conduct here.

Brands4kids takes the utmost care to reduce its environmental impact. This is a continuous process where we audit and reassess our suppliers all the time.


Even if this takes up a lot of time and resources, we are convinced that it is worth  the effort and that this is the right thing to do for both our children’s health and the world we live in. We focus 100% on ensuring that our products do not contain any hazardous chemicals. We never use any nickel or colorants containing heavy metals in our production.

A large part of our products are Oeko-Tex 100 certified every year. The Oeko-Tex mark is the consumer’s guarantee that the product does not contain any hazardous substances. The Oeko-Tex tests are conducted at independent institutions, and the requirements are continuously updated to match the most recent research of medical science.

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OEKO-TEX® Standard 100

GOTS - Global Standard


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