OUR mission


Brands4kids – a natural and accessible choice

At Brands4kids, we have a name for making high-quality baby and children's clothing. We would like to keep it that way, so we have to evolve. We constantly develop concepts and selections, in order to be able to offer products that inspire and surprise children and parents positively.

At Brands4kids, we have chosen to do this with constant focus on the environment, consumer wishes and future trends. We are happy to set the standard for children's clothing of the future!

Accessibility is part of the strategy of Brands4kids on multiple levels. Our collaboration with retailers all over Europe means that the consumer does not have to drive far to see new collections. Accessibility also applies to the function of the clothing. 

The clothing is made for children. It is simple - with recognisable themes and with proper functions that fit the level of development of each child.